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At Backcountry Mobile Welding, we offer the high-quality welding services you need, when and where you need us. Which of these services are you looking for today?


We make it in the workshop and install it onsite. It's a complete end-to-end project. We come to the site to get the measurements, provide a fair and honest quote, purchase the materials, build the custom project, and then provide installation, as needed.

Light and Heavy Truck Welding Repair

Whether your truck is stuck in your yard or on the highway, if you need welding repair, Backcountry Mobile Welding is ready to come to you to save the day and get you rolling again.

Exhaust Repair

Why spend the money to replace an entire exhaust system when all you need is a little welding to fix it? Sure, if you need an entirely new exhaust system you'll have to find a good mechanic. But for a system that just needs some repairs, we can save you a bunch of money

Part Repair and Replication

Parts can be expensive to replace (or impossible if the manufacturer doesn't produce them anymore). Bring the broken component in, and we can fix or replicate it to save you a bundle!

Team Work on Large Projects

If you have a large-scale project that is beyond the scope of what we can handle alone, we're still happy to come and work with your team of welders to get the job done.

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